BlackBerry breaks its silence unveils BB 10 L-Series

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It’s been quite awhile that we heard about Blackberry being silent on the smartphone market. BlackBerry 10 (BB10) is still under development and not yet the finished product, and seen out an almost-final version of it and I could say it’s appealing close to perfection, a smartphone that is shiny, sleek and futuristic in design. Research in Motion (RIM) says that it will arrive this 2013 as early as the first quarter and could be late as March.

Now, RIM is ending up the use of a full keyboard a virtual trademark brand in favor to switch to a full touchscreen device in able to compete with Google and Apple devices. BB 10 is a whole new interface that implemented on the device. RIM is done with the familiar BlackBerry system that most of BB users are used to and switching into something which resembles the like of Android and iOS, with its owned unique features.

The BlackBerry 10 has no home button and expected that the software will allow users switching between apps without having to go through the homescreen, digging more on its physical features of the device showing that it has a micro-USB connector and also a slot for a micro-HDMI cable, in which it could enable to connect to high resolution external displays.

On its interface, not much of a difference from the other smartphones and common with iOS and Android interface, swiping from right to left that you can have to more than 16 apps additional pages are added and can be done by swiping. The fascinating fading animation as you flick between pages as you’ll see fading away the previous page of the apps on the side of the screen as it replaced by a new page. This is RIM’s idea behind the Blackberry 10 that uses to describe their new OS.

And as well the world of the BlackBerry App has its overhauling that makes it more spontaneous and a cleaner design that would be shown on all the apps. RIM pushes hard to those developers for the time of launch.

That means it offers more applications in the new App World. This provides videos and music to purchase and downloads, that allows BB 10 devices the chance to compete like of the iTunes, Apple App Store and the Google Play.

BlackBerry handsets are well-known for their physical keyboards and RIM is now dedicated to bring a typing experience to its BlackBerry 10 touchscreen smartphones that offers. The keyboards similarly looks like those stock Android offers, but it has a separated silver line on each row of keys. It has its auto correct and spell check which is commonly seen features on smartphones these days. RIM really spent some time in developing to its own system to have a proficient typing experience.

Other revelation on the BB 10 has a 1,800 mAh battery, the handset most likely keeps it 1280x768 resolution, with 16 GB or more of internal storage and can be upgraded using an included micro-SD card slot, it has also the front-facing camera and rear camera with flash.

It’s really impressive with how slick and smooth the interface is, although the BB 10 operating system is in development. It seemingly makes some shake on the smartphone industry, with its phone so intergraded with the new OS that makes Facebook, Twitter, Email are all available, connected to your friends or easily share to throughout the phone. I would say it could be added to your choice of choosing the right smartphone that you want.
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