Tips for iPhone Application and Game Could Not Deleted

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iPhone Games
How to make iPhone games and applications can not delete or uninstall ? When an iPhone or iPad you often borrowed at a friend , family member or even used to play the game by the children , of course, we must be extra careful not games or iPhone apps or terdelete accidentally erased by our children .

As we know , to delete / remove applications and games once the iPhone is easy enough , just press a few seconds the application will be removed , until a sign X ( chakras ) in the corner of the application, and then press the X marks the application will be automatically deleted from the iPhone .

Well , to prevent other people can not remove applications and games on our iPhones , is easy enough once because in setting the iPhone has no settings to prevent it .

First go to Settings - General - Restictions then select Enable Restrictions . To enable this feature , you will be prompted to enter a passcode , passcode choose easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess .

After - Enable Restrictions on right or activated , then the Allow section , Deleting Apps in Off -kan . That means , we will not be able to remove existing applications or games on the iPhone.
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