Sony Alpha 99 the edge over DSLR camera

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A new piece on a standard professional-class DSLR camera set of Sony is the Apha 99 digital camera; this merges all of the benefits of a full-frame imaging that has a Translucent Mirror Technology with responsiveness and speed. The next to Sony’s flagship the SLT-A99 and the A900 DSLR, it has a brand new 24.3 MP full-frame sensor imaging, a dual phase-detect unique AF system and with a mass innovative technologies to bring the best image and a full HD video quality on Sony’s milestone on the line of the Alpha cameras

The Sony Alpha 99 model unite it’s Exmor CMOS sensor on a 24.3 effective Megapixel through a BIONZ highly advanced imaging processor engine, delivering both still and video shooting performance in an unprecedented level. The Sony Alpha 99 has a full frame sensor that’s enhanced with optional low-pass filter that is a newly developed multi segment, resolving an increase in power. The BIONZ engine, assisted by a front-end LSI can massively process full amounts imaging signal data from a very high speed at its sensor. With an impressive powerful noise reduction (NR) algorithm area-specification, that allows the Sony A99 camera to complete a 14-bit raw output, nuance rich and low noise. The BIONZ processor evolved also through the Sony Alpha 99 DSLR camera at its maximum of range sensitivity (sensitivity mode expanded) and wide as ISO50-25600, a range of nine stops. It enables the camera to have an unprecedented processing power to shoot up to 6 frames per second at full resolution of burst images or up to 10 fps in a high speed Tele-zoon shooting mode.

This newly digital camera has a unique features of a dual AF system, the world’s first for digital cameras. The main focusing system of this camera, has a 19-point AF system with 11 cross sensors – means it’s AF sensor overlying main image sensor focal plane phase detection has complemented by a 102-point. The power connecting on the Translucent Mirror Technology, that simultaneously and continually passes the light on both phase-detection AF sensors that measures the subject distance and completely positioning it from the rest other most cameras. The integrated unique Dual AF System the Alpha 99 is ultra-fast, an accurate autofocusing that preserves tracking focus even it temporarily leaves the frame.

The LCD display features has a Tru-Finder XGA OLED viewfinder that offers 100% frame coverage with exceptional contrast, brightness, clarity and resolution, which ensures a desired scene and subject detail-packed view. This digital camera has exceptional electronic viewfinder that also maintain a field view with DT lenses that are optimized camera sensors (APS-C), the image recording and display has an automatic converting angle viewing. The Tru-Finder EVF has a 3-way tilting 1229k-dot (VGA alike) with WhiteMagic technology the XtraFine LCD display will boost generally screen vividness. This especial framing and shooting are use with the LCD in outdoor and even in sunny conditions.

Furthermore, this digital camera is weather-sealed and all buttons and has a ruggedized controls. The shutter block redesigned and this digital camera ensures reliability and stamina. With its grip was redesigned with enhanced ergonomics and that allows for instinctive fingertip operational bottoms and also with several switches that distinguish the designs. The Sony Alpha 99 mode dial lock has new exposure that prevents unintentional rotation, and developed a newly Quick Navi Pro interface, that has shooting parameters and controls with a perceptive one-handed access. This can be also operated remotely via PC connection.

A nice piece of DSLR camera that would level-up your photo capturing more refined, Sony really got the edge with their Alpha 99 digital camera. I could say a good choice to buy.

One Series has an X (HTC Desire X)

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We’ve seen more about Samsung and iPhones, and I would like to introduce the latest smartphone by HTC called “HTC Desire X”. This will be available in black or white and it’s more wonderful to see the white version. The Desire X is something that has a small “X” factor on it and not that remarkable.

The design seemingly isn’t the edge for HTC, the corners has been cut and a non-unibody single shell that holds all, a traditional designed phone of a non-HTC built with a detachable back cover and with removable battery as well. With a WVGA Super LCD display wouldn’t be of a premium on HTC smartphones, one good thing is that it’s reasonably bright, detailed and colors are not bad. It’s a 4 inches screen enough for browsing website.

A 1Ghz dual core processor with 1 GB ram, an alternatively very fast S4 SnapDragon chip that is found in HTC One  S, with a Sense 4.0 user-interface and 768 built-in memory with up to 4 GB internal storage memory expandable via SD card slot and it is also supported by Beats Audio. HTC Desire X is a smooth smartphone. It runs on an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to it.

Over-looking on its camera, its probably disappointing, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. That has no 720p video recording option, and even its slow-mo feature. With a burst mode and 'best shot' features and it has quick snap images. Not impressive as what most think.

A bit uninspired on a mid-range HTC smartphone, though it’s a budget handset and a top-end creation for a nice to use phone. Nothing “super” to it as HTC admits.

Price and performance counts on Galaxy Tabs (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0)

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As we know and it’s no doubt that iPad still reigns and been undisputed as supreme on the tablet market. When we talk about Samsung considering as a valiant fighter in the Galaxy Tab family, it’s really impressive that they had created the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and together with its smaller siblings as an eye-catcher in the tablet arena. With the 7 inch version has shown portability but do you think that it could rein supremacy?

Weight Stability
The key for these smaller devices is portability. This weighs only 341g (Wi-Fi version, 344g with 3G). It’s really light and far than lighter with the new iPad (3rd generation) at 652g. And with the slim figure at 10.5mm only. These means this is a device that is easy to hold, surfing the net and viewing movies in an extended period.

It’s Design
The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 has a chassis plastic cover in a gun-metal grey, and a wide bezel black surrounding with a 7-inch touchscreen. The Tab 2 is looks really like just several of its predecessors. This isn’t an eye-catching to its extent, based on its design. The one thing it lacks is its grip.

Design wise, when we talk about this device its light though prone on getting scratched. There is nothing of a stun on this design. In front you can’t see any physical buttons at all. The volume rocker is located on the edges and power keys on top right, with the microSD card slot sits beneath a latch on the left. The audio jack 3.5 mm is on the top of the device; on the bottom is where you can find the charging port, in between the speakers. The front-facing VGA snapper is at the top display with a 3 megapixel model on its back

Performance experiences
It has it’s a dual-core 1 Ghz chip, a well running device, however you need to install it’s Flash first. And you can also view iPlayer footage easily, heavy duty games really runs smoothly. It runs on Android’s “Ice Cream Sandwich” version of operating system. The Tab 2.0 is held on its owned web-based performance benchmarks, however it has fell too short on the 3D rivalry.

Some frustrations that would be an issue is that most likely pertains to Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, and also widgets are in a source-hogging that are preloaded on the tablet. With its widgets on the display are featured with various Samsung software services, and disappointment is the frame rate when switching between home pages. It’s better to remove those widgets to have a smoother experience. With its UI also is a bothersome pauses; with the keyboard it often slow when bringing up, with its loading databases takes a moment like contacts.

Conclusion and Assessment
With the range of Samsung tablets in its arsenal, they weigh up price and performance, so that means delivering only what you pay for. Though the Tab 2 is the company’s affordable tablet and as such it is among on its weakest performance.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is eventually a forgettable entry in the history ever growing products by Samsung Android-powered. Though its core elements are fine on this tablet, its screen works fine, good connectivity and a bit functional android platform. It’s based on user experience when we talk about Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI, the hardware performance offer reasonably and battery life is under average.

The new phase of Apple since iOS exist (iOS 6)

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As we herd with Apple’s promise about the iOS 6 is finally for you to download, having about more than 200 new features it brings. Let’s take a look at the key things you need to know about Apple’s mobile operating system.

Is iOS 6 can handle your device?

According to Apple, iOS 6 should be able to run on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch 4thgeneration, iPad 2 or new iPad (3rd generation). It’s really a “go” to download for this latest version of operating system.

Officially they had announced that those given iDevice are recommended to download the latest operating system. Like some previous updates, this particular iOS version “MIGHT” leave some of the older supported device feeling a bit lethargic. Take note if you’re using an iPhone 3Gs, that in my opinion left a bit slow after jumping to iOS 5. But I want to hear on those who had those idevices point of view on their experience with the iOS 6.

What craft of iOS 6 so much better on the older versions of iOS?

With over 200 new features to be found in iOS 6, as always some would stand out. I have some key changes to know.

Siri’s better and a lot smarter in iOS 6. She learned a lot of new languages ( Italian, Madarin, Cantonese, and more) and become friends with a lot of  new services ( such as OpenTable, Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, and more…)

This personal assistant (Siri) can now suggest extensively more information when asking about restaurant, movies, sports and others. Even making a restaurant reservation or some movie reviews you want to see. A merit to a better support for Twitter, you can now also ask Siri to tweet for you.

Also you could possibly launch app using Siri. If you want to play games tell her you want to “play temple run” and see what happens.

As we all know Siri still sin’t perfect, most of us certainly treat her as a “joke generator”. Though if you want to use Siri to amuse yourself, you may be glad to know that she’s picking up some more jokes since the time we explored it the way she says the darnest things.

Who would leave Facebook behind? The folks from Apple just integrate Facebook into iOS 6 with the same way that was integrated on Twitter on the latest version of iOS. With it’s neat “tap to post” option in the Notification Center (and of course there’s a “tap to tweet” buttons as well)

With Facebook, its deep integration with calendar app as well, that means Facebook events (birthdaylistings on Facebook) will appear on your device’s calendar.

A “do not disturb” feature is also added in iOS 6. That means you can tell your phone on a silent mode or incoming calls for awhile. So you can have your meeting, enjoy quiet moment, interruption-free with someone special.

This feature allows of its fine-tuning, meaning that you can make sure that people on your contact list or “favorites” will constantly ring through or that your iPhone should ring if someone calls twice within 3 mins.

Now two are united when using FaceTime it works over 3G, not just over Wi-Fi. And also you don’t need to worry about whether you’re selecting someone’s phone number or an Apple ID for a Facetime call.

Passbook is a new app that can store several new things which clutter normally on your pockets. With this app you can now securely contain boarding passes, movie tickets, gift certificates, discount cards and more.

As this app has its location support, this would pull up those relevant items near you in which place you’d use it. As an added feature on this app, cards in your passbook are live-updating, which means your boarding pass will have the latest boarding information.

And now the ditching of Google Maps on Apple’s idevices is now or never. Apple creates its own mapping system solution. With Yelp integration, traffic information (it’s on a real-time crowd-sourced data), readjusting automatically routes, and Siri’s ability to answer the historical “are we there yet?”

Maps Apple also adds something they called “Flyover”. This feature create the whole world appears to be like a Sim city game shown on 3D models with geographical features and buildings.

There is more and the best part is yet to come, it’s where we’re now on a turn-by-turn directions in Maps. With Siri, she could guide you to and from places. Their biggest drawback on this was the appearance of no public transportation directions in iOS 6, based on rumors.

It’s really tough to cover over 200 new features that we could find in iOS 6, but it’s now time for us users to see on what it gives us for our daily lives, with abundant of some little tweaks and some discoveries in the new mobile operating system. It’s better to hear for those who have downloaded the iOS 6. For me, I’m still on the process of downloading it on my iPhone 4s and iPad 2.

Beneath the SOFTWARE perfection (Samsung Galaxy S3 | iPhone 5) Part 2

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 At this point iOS vs. Android is almost a cliché. To take it as an example, Apple’s personal digital assistant, Sir, has a better personality, and is attached with some helpful apps and services; however Google Now is being more aggressive when it comes to framework understanding and prognostic performance than Apple. With Siri could do anything what you tell but when it comes to Google Now will try to form out what to do before you tell it.

However here’s a thing that Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t ship with Google Now due to its release before Android 4.1 Jelly Bean hit the market, in which Samsung had include their S Voice instead. When it comes on releasing new OS for Apple, every compatible iPhone user will get it on that day but when it comes to Google’s new OS, it would take a week or a month or even forever to get it, that also depends on its manufacturer and it’s carrier. If you’ll buy an iPhone 5 that automatically run with iOS 6 and you can update for a new release when iOS 7 comes in for example however if you buy a Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s really even odds if ever, when, you’ll get a hold next version of Android. Anyway, that isn’t really much of a hurdle because your phone will still keep working every now and then.

For a consistent idea for a reliable software updates, Apple gets the edge over Samsung.

Apple leads on the charge when it comes to accessibility features to users with special needs. For a considerable value from an iPhone, you don’t need to be capable to hear or see as an example. When we review both Apple’s Safari and Google browser/ Chrome will get you through your web pages. They have both email capability programs for your messaging experience. Also they have heap ways to listen music, watching videos/movies, and do all on what you expect for a recent mobile computing platform. iOS 6 on the iPhone 5, however, is a thing. It’s software on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is two. With the Android 4.0 Ice Crème Sandwich on its way to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at the core, but the frosting is all on Samsung’s owned TouchWiz interface. For some, this would be friendlier, easier sanction that enhances the Android experience and for most people, it’s impaired that they wished Samsung would spare them on their stock.

However the thing about most Android phones is that you can modify and alter it far, and far beyond on what Apple allows with iOS. Absolutely you can almost root Android and jailbreak iOS, but you can do more and easy with the Samsung Galaxy S3 than to be able to do with the iPhone 5. That includes all from its easy widgets, glancing information, to different keyboards with your adjust typing experience.

As we talk about the software it’s quite similar story to its hardware. Apple writes improved codes and creates more unified, with steady user experiences than Google. However, Google creates code that does more things and is more customized than Apple. Disagreement with all but at the end of the day iOS consistently smoother, more perceptive, up-to-date, with full of pixel perfect than Android, nevertheless just as invariably misses out on a vast features Android obtains stock. If you’re seeking for something that’s available and works, iOS has the advantage but if you’re seeking configurable that works the way you want it to, Android leads.

Aftermath which will rein Apple or Android OS

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It has been an issue about the Apple vs Samsung case and at the end so far notes that Samsung will actually pay the full $1.05 billion decided by the jury. This was just the primary stage processes that almost certainly involve to appeal by Samsung. While unlikely that any judge overturn the jury’s decision entirely, Samsung’s lawyers have enough ammunition to stand a good chance of pouring down some damages Samsung has to pay.

If we’re getting the larger context here on iOS vs. Android – in this case it’s unlikely to be more than a setback for Google. Taking on the search behemoth straight forwardly it’s a very different outlook from taking on Samsung, and it’s somewhat Apple has avoided so far.

As for Google’s official statement, that the judgment is to infringe upon Apple patents on Samsung specific, not part of the stock Android OS. In a way, the verdict would even help Google to deal with their problems towards fragmentation if those smartphone manufacturers like HTC, LG, (the controversial) Samsung et al stick closer towards the stock Android experience in avoidance of the risk on running afoul over Apple on their proprietary skin like Touchwiz and Sense.

Another factor with more importance is that Android has entered a mythical dominion of “too big to fail”. That’s far more than just an operating system. The public gossips more about the Apple ecosystem but what is regularly forgotten is the Android Ecosystem. Visualizing your daily experience as an internet user; Google really dominates. From Search… E-mail… Calendar… Documents… Maps… Youtube…

The iPad and iPhone might grant access to these services (and says that there will be changes now with iOS 6 getting rid of Google Maps and Youtube no longer a core app), but it’s experience simply isn’t as incorporated and complete as on an Android device. As just the money an iOS user drops into the Apple ecosystem supplies as a blockade to keep us from opting out of it, with the convenience of that integration of an Android user’s web experience.

Who’s going to utilize that? Is it Apple with its limited product established and its high price points? OR Is it going to be the Android OEMs with its huge number of phone models with a various price levels that appeal to let public embrace the use of smartphones due to its monetary value mentality across diverse segments in the market?

HP Folio 13 "to buy or not to buy"

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With the vast announcements in the notebook space HP has been busy this year to create innovations, especially with their ultrabooks.  They had build and announced their Ivy Bridge line of ultrabooks and Sleekbooks a couple of months back. And now HP introduced an Ultrabook that would give some new impression through their HP Folio 13. Let us see how heap it would be against like Dell, Samsung and Tohsiba Ultrabooks.

Build and Design

Folio 13 is not just any laptop but a premium Ultrabook, it has the feel of sublime that you can tell HP has gone to its great lengths to feel that this notebook is an ultra premium. In fact with this nice feel it really makes you want to use the notebook more. The distribution weight is very well done, though it isn’t the slimmest Utlrabook at 18 mm in depth nor the lightest at 1.5 kg.

The cover is made up with a brushed aluminum finish, while its underneath has its rubberized coating for enhanced grip.  Since the notebook has a bit of heft, HP added all the standard connectivity preferences (just lacks a disc drive) but the rest like Gigabit LAN, HDMI, a USB 3.0 and 2.0 port, card reader and headphone jack. Intake vents were placed underneath, while the exhaust sits behind the hinge.  As we go further, the hinge mechanism has its feel of a well-built and durable that doesn’t seem like it’ll loose anytime. And the lid giving you a very flexible viewing it also tilts backs all the way to 170 degrees, no matter sitting position you at.

The 13.3 inch screen has an extremely thin bezel that gives a wider appearance. The speaker grill is placed above the keyboard and it’s never blocked. With it’s Dolby Advanced Audio for better audio fidelity.  HP has been known for their amazing keyboard and no surprise there. HP trackpad is not that said though. The tracking is smooth and responsive but the buttons are so hard and there is no proper click feel to it, it needs to apply a lot of pressure that makes it a terrible experience. But concerning overall design and build it is scored highly for Folio 13.


When we talk about hardware Folio 13 is powered with an intel i5-2467M ULV CPU, 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD. One thing that bothers me that why does they install a standard hard drive and small SSD, since clearly there is a plenty of room inside the chassis. With no dedicated graphic card, of course so you’ll have to make do with the onboard one, which is fine for watching HD movies. It also has a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS, along with it.

With the usual software fluff that HP bundles have along with their notebooks, HP Folio 13 is a CoolSense Technology. These adjust automatically with the fan in the notebook, depending on the system temperature. Including HP TrueVision, HD webcam, QuickLaunch, Intel WiDi support, Support Assistant and Connection Manager.

The DiC Book Is A Go (To Say The Least)!

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DiC fans rejoice! At the end of Friday, September 14, the Ulule fundraising for the French "Art Of" book on the DiC studios ended its run... and it was a resounding success. The original fundraising goal was actually achieved on September 7, but the book went right on collecting, finally totaling at 125%! This is a great thing, of course, as more funds means a product of higher quality. To quote the book's writers Maroin Eluasti and Nordine Zemrak (right after the 100% victory was achieved, in a moment of great happiness on September 8):

Like us, you believed and together we succeeded! In fact, yesterday we reached 100% and more.

Fans of the heart, we thank you for your trust and support that will allow this beautiful project to exist.

As the adventure continues, each additional euro will consider new options:

- Varnish on the cover of the book;

- A collector's version, an edition of 50 numbered and signed books;

And many other things ... ;-) 

You will be told quickly.

Maroin & Nordine

One such bonus-related news piece was actually announced even before the funding was completed, on August 20 on Facebook: Instead of the originally planned 192 pages, the book will be 208 pages long, allowing for more pictures and info! Other than that, it is not yet known which bonuses will end up in the final product... but with 25% more backing than the originally needed sum, the book should definitely benefit one way or another.

In fact, we'll be able to see for ourselves shortly, as the authors still intend to have their work released by the end of October. And then... well, let's just say that all of us "early birds" who donated more than a certain amount can lean back and wait for our copies of the book to arrive in the mail. :) For the rest of you interested DiC fans out there, the writers hope to be able to make the book available "everywhere" when it's officially released... in other words, probably both in book stores and web shops. More details about this will likely follow soon. For day-to-day news about the actual production of the book, I'd recommend following its Facebook page, which has already given us great teasers in the form of cels, merchandise and memorabilia over this past month.

Among all these wonderful news, only one big question seems to remain: What are the prospects for an English-language edition? Right now, there are certainly no news regarding this... understandably enough, I guess, since the project was of course conceived as a French publication first and foremost. And many of the DiC series from the 80s have bigger cult followings in France than they do in other countries. I still believe, though, that an English-language edition of the book could find success (we are talking about a book that celebrates DiC's greatest shows from the 80s, after all), but I'm pretty sure the authors will not consider anything like this until after the French edition is released - and then it will probably be a question of how successful the French edition is. Still, we can always hope. More than a month ago, I actually did ask on the book's official Facebook about the possibilities for an English-language version. Quoted from an August 6 post on the Facebook wall, here is Nordine Zemrak's (fairly enthusiastic) answer:

...if the project became succesful, english language could be possible ! ! (...)

So at least the writers are open to the idea. For my part, even though I'm looking forward to the visual side of the book, it would be fantastic to be able to actually read the interviews and the behind-the-scenes information properly, so I'm gonna keep on hoping for the English-language version to happen. In the meantime, I'll settle for the French book to pop into my mailbox in less than a month and a half...

Above: One of the many Facebook previews of the book's contents, a beutiful Inspector Gadget cel
from "Monster Lake". More previews related to other DiC productions below.

It's all about the HARDWARE (Samsung Galaxy S3 | iPhone 5) Part 1

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The android world is the most popular smartphone platform when it comes to users, Samsung is the leading and most popular android manufacturer. And with the Galaxy S3 is currently the most popular android phone this year.  The iPhone 5 has launched, is it going to be one of the most popular phones? So this emphasize that anyone is in search to buy a new phone would likely end up trying to choose between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5. If we’re weighing both smartphones, they are phenomenal devices.  The only thing is the choice that makes it tougher.

I can’t see much about Samsung hardware and you can say that bias is right up front. As when it comes to Android, I would prefer the quality material build by HTC from Samsung, though HTC is not that quiet familiar to some. In the other hand, LCD (HTC) to Super AMOLED PenTile (Samsung) display. And it shows that Samsung has been improving year after year for new innovations.  And with Apple’s states and finish still blazingly bursting to most. Through its roughly 20% thinner and lighter than iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5 is made out of glass and aluminum monolith, to its design from its construction, that is cleverly outclasses the plastic river stone of Samsung.

Talking about performance, it’s hardly difficult to compare Apple to Samsung. The iPhone 5 holds its latest Apple A6 processor, which they simply cite as being “twice as fast” as last year’s Apple A5. Apple takes a huge advantage to its tailoring their own unique software to matched hardware, from its body and soul on just one device. For Samsung, it generically needs to fit Google’s software to their specific hardware. Rumor has it, that the A6 may just be the world’s first production ARM Cortex A15-based processor and that I could say a huge impact. To most, Samsung’s 1.4GHz Exynos quad-core monster will likely be more as impressive.

Apple has a higher build-in storage option at 64GB compared to Samsung’s 32GB, BUT Samsung lets you increase storage up to 64GB of extra storage, using micro SDHC storage. And I give the credit to Samsung the edge here.

Knowing their hardware, it’s pretty much what it always with Apple and Samsung: Apple wins on manufacturing, elegance and also on design and Samsung wins quality of specs, power and size.

iPhone 5 “iPhone since iPhone”

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iphone5 have been announced last Wednesday. Obvious difference is the screen size bigger, fuselage slimmer and run faster. Let’s look at the specifications of the iphone5.

Specs for iPhone 5:

Thinner, lighter and less volume
Weight:  At 3.95 ounces (112 grams)
Height:  At 4.87 inches (123.8 mm)
Width:  At 2.31 inches (58.6 mm)
Depth:  At 0.30 inch (7.6 mm)
It has a 4-inch (diagonal) Retina display and a 1,136 x 640 pixel resolution with 326 pixels-per-inch, boosting its color saturation that’s 44 percent greater than before. That makes it vivid and lifelike display.

Equipped with apple’s new A6 chip, The processor and graphics processor’s performance is two times faster than the current A5 chip, and can enjoy intensive graphic apps and games.

It  has a smaller connector, 30-pin change to new 8-pin that is reversible, and it is called Lightning. That means there’s no wrong way to plug in the cable.

The headphones had a new and improved design. The headphone is designed to produce quality sounds and it is called EarPods.

It has an same 8-megapixel camera, Autofocus, LED flash, Five-element lens, Hybrid IR filter and f/2.4 aperture.

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