First ever Android-powered camera the Coolpix S800c by Nikon

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We have seen how technology rises and Nikon has released the newest and the first Android-powered camera the “Nikon Coolpix S800c”. It’s really meant to link the worlds of mobile technology and cameras like nothing had before. With Coolpix S800c, you can have access to most apps for photo editing, sharing and shooting from a devoted camera.

As most of us know, smartphones swiftly develop into the most challenging to face the conventional compact digital camera since they have emerged in the market first. Nikon have stand up to this challenge to develop a camera that would become responsive to the masses, and now they introduce the Nikon Coolpix S800c. The first major camera manufacturer to widely open an Android mobile based operating system.

Smartphones are more persuasive as a photographic tool due to some reason. One of them is that, the devices are well connected to mobile data services that allow automatically uploading and sharing images. In addition, the benefit has come from those emerging apps and platforms with lots of third-party apps that would add new capabilities to the device that can be used. From those social networks like instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. to games like the most played Angry Birds.

The S800c is a full Android 2.3 (Gingerbread OS) device; it means that it can run through any apps equivalent to what a smartphone can offer. So you can improve images through Photoshop Express. Furthermore, there’s nothing could pass with a quick game of your choice from Temple Run or Angry Birds.

The Coolpix S800c as a compact camera still got the advantage through its larger sensors (having a better image quality, particularly in lower light), and the standard optical zooms a greater photographic flexibility, and also comes with a removable memory, having an easily expand and swap storage of your camera as what most smartphones could give. It offers the same 10x zoom lens and 16MP backlit CMOS sensor as Coolpix S6300 has, a great device of a compact camera capability and a full-function tablet computer.

Specifications of Nikon Coolpix S800c:
- 16MP 1 /2.3" – BSI CMOS sensor
- Android v2.3 Operating System
- Includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS
- 3.5" WVGA OLED touchscreen
- 25-250mm equivalent F3.2-5.8 lens
- 2GB of internal memory
- 1080p30 video
- Up to 8fps continuous shooting

As OS is concern, Gingerbread isn’t the latest version of Android, with 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) taking hold on flagship smartphones and 4.1 (Jelly Bean), though it’s the most commonly supported. Nikon isn’t that clear on whether it may upgrade to one of Android’s newer versions operating system, which enables users to use Chrome web browser. Most current apps are compatible on Android 2.3 OS.

As Nikon been the first to release the Android-powered digital camera than Samsung camera. If Nikon continues down to this path and hoping it does, with a more advance versions of Android merging with more sophisticated cameras. It would lead to a better digital control that comes next from the shuttering speed and white balance, augmented-reality games that take advantage of the optical zoom, and more…

Those would be an exciting promises and an edge over the growth of the new smart camera era. As a start, people need to respond to the Nikon Coolpix S800c and to convince the masses of an idea that a digital camera would behave like a smartphone. Would you do believe digital camera will rise with a different edge of innovation?
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