Turning on Automatic lethal and Android Devices

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You know , if you have an android device on or off the ability to automatically / by itself in accordance with the schedule that we created . This feature is actually quite interesting . Because you do not have to bother - bother anymore to turn off android device at night when you have to sleep and then turns on by itself when you 've woken up in the morning .
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                                    Auto On / OFF

If you want to sleep soundly every night without any desire to be disturbed through phone calls or SMS or BBM and others , there is no other way except to turn off your device or mobile phone , and in the morning you have to turn on your phone even when you probably just got up , imagine if every day you have to do a routine like this, the old - you will eventually saturate . Well android makes it easy for you to do this automatically without you having to touch your phone when you want to turn it off at night and likewise, when you want to turn on in the morning .

Here's How to Turn off and Turn on automatically in android 4.2 Jelly Bean smartphones :

    Open the menu " Settings " from the Home Screen
    Tap or press on the " Scheduled Power on & off "
    Check the option " ON " to turn on automatically , tap on the clock that appears to change .
    Check the option " OFF " to turn off automatically , tap on the clock that appears to change .
    Done .

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