How to Move Photos and Movies from Laptop to iPhone

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How the heck do I copy pictures and videos from computer to iPad and iPhone? If you are new to the iPhone and still confused how to move a collection of photos from the laptop to the iPhone, now is the following simple tips how to copy or move a photo from your computer to the iPhone 5.

First, make sure your laptop is installed in iTunes. Run iTunes, connect the iPhone to the laptop, wait a while until iTunes detect your iPhone, and display the name of your iPhone in the Devices menu in iTunes.

Then click the name of your iPhone in the Devices menu and select the menu Photos. Well, you just give the checklist on the Sync Photos From (folder name). Select Choose Folder and then browse / search the folder where you store your photo collection in a Laptop. In the example in the figure below, the authors chose the folder "iPod Pic" in which the author keep all the collection of photos in this folder. For more details, click on the image to zoom.
iPhone Photos
iPhone Photos
If you select a folder there is a sub folder, you can give the checklist on the sub-folder you want or do not want to sync. Give Checklist, if you want the photos in the folder in sync (copy) to the iPhone. Do not forget to give also to Include Videos tick if you want to copy a movie collection from Laptop to iPad or iPhone.

Lastly, you can directly sync. Wait a while until your laptop and sync your iPhone finishes.

How, pretty easy right?
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