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Daniel Gallego, of the Spanish Adelante GadgetoBlog, talks about the mistakes made with the depiction of Dr Claw in the Gadget & the Gadgetinis series. I don't always agree with the information and opinions provided in Daniel's blog, but this commentary on what should not be done with Dr Claw is right on the money. Gadgetinis really ruined the great, mysterious villain character that Claw was originally. Not only did the series reduce his fearful personality to an undignified parody - as I mention briefly here - but it also showed far too much of his body, at times even his head shape. Worse, these "revals" felt like they were done, for the most part, for no other reason than to put Claw in an embarrassing and humiliating light. I have a hard time imagining what co-writer Jean Chalopin and director Bruno Bianchi (or whoever else responsible for this mess) might have been thinking.

For some horrifying visual examples of these points, check out Daniel's post - and read his thoughts about it, too. It's all written in Spanish but run it though Google Translate and you'll get at least the essence of what he's talking about. We can only hope that DHX's crew on the upcoming reboot series will steer away completely from what Gadgetinis did. If anything, I think a new series could benefit from making Dr Claw scarier than he was in the 1983 original.

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