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...that I'm sorry about all the delays that have been occurring here over the past three months.  The case in point is of course my review of the new Télé 80 CD, which I planned to get out in mid-October but didn't manage to finish until a week and a half ago. I never intended to be away from the blog for that long, and I still have trouble fully comprehending how it happened. I can only apologize to any readers out there who have been waiting in frustration for this and other updates -- and I hope you got at least something out of the CD review when it finally did appear. As for other news, articles and showcasing-of-vintage-material posts... I'm not done with the blog yet. I just can't say exactly when I'll get to the various updates I have in store. I hope you understand - and please know that every comment is appreciated even if I take an eternity to answer some of them.

-- Mesterius

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