iPad Air Specification and Review It is faster and lighter, but too much thinner

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Holding the iPad Air for the first time I was quite sure that this was lighter than my old tablet. There was no doubt about that. In fact, at 469 grams, it has become almost 150 grams lighter in comparison to my iPad 2 and shed almost 200 grams when compared to the fourth generation. That is quite substantial.

But has it become thinner? I couldn't quite make out at in a single glance. On paper the iPad 2 is 9mm thick and the iPad Air is thinner at 7.5mm. But it is hard to make out the difference, though 1.5mm has been shaved off in comparison to the last three versions of the tablet. Keep the two devices side by side and it is almost impossibe to find a difference in height, at least to the naked eye.  

Full Specifications of iPad Air....

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