The new phase of Apple since iOS exist (iOS 6)

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As we herd with Apple’s promise about the iOS 6 is finally for you to download, having about more than 200 new features it brings. Let’s take a look at the key things you need to know about Apple’s mobile operating system.

Is iOS 6 can handle your device?

According to Apple, iOS 6 should be able to run on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch 4thgeneration, iPad 2 or new iPad (3rd generation). It’s really a “go” to download for this latest version of operating system.

Officially they had announced that those given iDevice are recommended to download the latest operating system. Like some previous updates, this particular iOS version “MIGHT” leave some of the older supported device feeling a bit lethargic. Take note if you’re using an iPhone 3Gs, that in my opinion left a bit slow after jumping to iOS 5. But I want to hear on those who had those idevices point of view on their experience with the iOS 6.

What craft of iOS 6 so much better on the older versions of iOS?

With over 200 new features to be found in iOS 6, as always some would stand out. I have some key changes to know.

Siri’s better and a lot smarter in iOS 6. She learned a lot of new languages ( Italian, Madarin, Cantonese, and more) and become friends with a lot of  new services ( such as OpenTable, Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, and more…)

This personal assistant (Siri) can now suggest extensively more information when asking about restaurant, movies, sports and others. Even making a restaurant reservation or some movie reviews you want to see. A merit to a better support for Twitter, you can now also ask Siri to tweet for you.

Also you could possibly launch app using Siri. If you want to play games tell her you want to “play temple run” and see what happens.

As we all know Siri still sin’t perfect, most of us certainly treat her as a “joke generator”. Though if you want to use Siri to amuse yourself, you may be glad to know that she’s picking up some more jokes since the time we explored it the way she says the darnest things.

Who would leave Facebook behind? The folks from Apple just integrate Facebook into iOS 6 with the same way that was integrated on Twitter on the latest version of iOS. With it’s neat “tap to post” option in the Notification Center (and of course there’s a “tap to tweet” buttons as well)

With Facebook, its deep integration with calendar app as well, that means Facebook events (birthdaylistings on Facebook) will appear on your device’s calendar.

A “do not disturb” feature is also added in iOS 6. That means you can tell your phone on a silent mode or incoming calls for awhile. So you can have your meeting, enjoy quiet moment, interruption-free with someone special.

This feature allows of its fine-tuning, meaning that you can make sure that people on your contact list or “favorites” will constantly ring through or that your iPhone should ring if someone calls twice within 3 mins.

Now two are united when using FaceTime it works over 3G, not just over Wi-Fi. And also you don’t need to worry about whether you’re selecting someone’s phone number or an Apple ID for a Facetime call.

Passbook is a new app that can store several new things which clutter normally on your pockets. With this app you can now securely contain boarding passes, movie tickets, gift certificates, discount cards and more.

As this app has its location support, this would pull up those relevant items near you in which place you’d use it. As an added feature on this app, cards in your passbook are live-updating, which means your boarding pass will have the latest boarding information.

And now the ditching of Google Maps on Apple’s idevices is now or never. Apple creates its own mapping system solution. With Yelp integration, traffic information (it’s on a real-time crowd-sourced data), readjusting automatically routes, and Siri’s ability to answer the historical “are we there yet?”

Maps Apple also adds something they called “Flyover”. This feature create the whole world appears to be like a Sim city game shown on 3D models with geographical features and buildings.

There is more and the best part is yet to come, it’s where we’re now on a turn-by-turn directions in Maps. With Siri, she could guide you to and from places. Their biggest drawback on this was the appearance of no public transportation directions in iOS 6, based on rumors.

It’s really tough to cover over 200 new features that we could find in iOS 6, but it’s now time for us users to see on what it gives us for our daily lives, with abundant of some little tweaks and some discoveries in the new mobile operating system. It’s better to hear for those who have downloaded the iOS 6. For me, I’m still on the process of downloading it on my iPhone 4s and iPad 2.
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