Beneath the SOFTWARE perfection (Samsung Galaxy S3 | iPhone 5) Part 2

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 At this point iOS vs. Android is almost a cliché. To take it as an example, Apple’s personal digital assistant, Sir, has a better personality, and is attached with some helpful apps and services; however Google Now is being more aggressive when it comes to framework understanding and prognostic performance than Apple. With Siri could do anything what you tell but when it comes to Google Now will try to form out what to do before you tell it.

However here’s a thing that Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t ship with Google Now due to its release before Android 4.1 Jelly Bean hit the market, in which Samsung had include their S Voice instead. When it comes on releasing new OS for Apple, every compatible iPhone user will get it on that day but when it comes to Google’s new OS, it would take a week or a month or even forever to get it, that also depends on its manufacturer and it’s carrier. If you’ll buy an iPhone 5 that automatically run with iOS 6 and you can update for a new release when iOS 7 comes in for example however if you buy a Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s really even odds if ever, when, you’ll get a hold next version of Android. Anyway, that isn’t really much of a hurdle because your phone will still keep working every now and then.

For a consistent idea for a reliable software updates, Apple gets the edge over Samsung.

Apple leads on the charge when it comes to accessibility features to users with special needs. For a considerable value from an iPhone, you don’t need to be capable to hear or see as an example. When we review both Apple’s Safari and Google browser/ Chrome will get you through your web pages. They have both email capability programs for your messaging experience. Also they have heap ways to listen music, watching videos/movies, and do all on what you expect for a recent mobile computing platform. iOS 6 on the iPhone 5, however, is a thing. It’s software on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is two. With the Android 4.0 Ice Crème Sandwich on its way to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at the core, but the frosting is all on Samsung’s owned TouchWiz interface. For some, this would be friendlier, easier sanction that enhances the Android experience and for most people, it’s impaired that they wished Samsung would spare them on their stock.

However the thing about most Android phones is that you can modify and alter it far, and far beyond on what Apple allows with iOS. Absolutely you can almost root Android and jailbreak iOS, but you can do more and easy with the Samsung Galaxy S3 than to be able to do with the iPhone 5. That includes all from its easy widgets, glancing information, to different keyboards with your adjust typing experience.

As we talk about the software it’s quite similar story to its hardware. Apple writes improved codes and creates more unified, with steady user experiences than Google. However, Google creates code that does more things and is more customized than Apple. Disagreement with all but at the end of the day iOS consistently smoother, more perceptive, up-to-date, with full of pixel perfect than Android, nevertheless just as invariably misses out on a vast features Android obtains stock. If you’re seeking for something that’s available and works, iOS has the advantage but if you’re seeking configurable that works the way you want it to, Android leads.
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