It's all about the HARDWARE (Samsung Galaxy S3 | iPhone 5) Part 1

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The android world is the most popular smartphone platform when it comes to users, Samsung is the leading and most popular android manufacturer. And with the Galaxy S3 is currently the most popular android phone this year.  The iPhone 5 has launched, is it going to be one of the most popular phones? So this emphasize that anyone is in search to buy a new phone would likely end up trying to choose between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5. If we’re weighing both smartphones, they are phenomenal devices.  The only thing is the choice that makes it tougher.

I can’t see much about Samsung hardware and you can say that bias is right up front. As when it comes to Android, I would prefer the quality material build by HTC from Samsung, though HTC is not that quiet familiar to some. In the other hand, LCD (HTC) to Super AMOLED PenTile (Samsung) display. And it shows that Samsung has been improving year after year for new innovations.  And with Apple’s states and finish still blazingly bursting to most. Through its roughly 20% thinner and lighter than iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5 is made out of glass and aluminum monolith, to its design from its construction, that is cleverly outclasses the plastic river stone of Samsung.

Talking about performance, it’s hardly difficult to compare Apple to Samsung. The iPhone 5 holds its latest Apple A6 processor, which they simply cite as being “twice as fast” as last year’s Apple A5. Apple takes a huge advantage to its tailoring their own unique software to matched hardware, from its body and soul on just one device. For Samsung, it generically needs to fit Google’s software to their specific hardware. Rumor has it, that the A6 may just be the world’s first production ARM Cortex A15-based processor and that I could say a huge impact. To most, Samsung’s 1.4GHz Exynos quad-core monster will likely be more as impressive.

Apple has a higher build-in storage option at 64GB compared to Samsung’s 32GB, BUT Samsung lets you increase storage up to 64GB of extra storage, using micro SDHC storage. And I give the credit to Samsung the edge here.

Knowing their hardware, it’s pretty much what it always with Apple and Samsung: Apple wins on manufacturing, elegance and also on design and Samsung wins quality of specs, power and size.

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