Aftermath which will rein Apple or Android OS

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It has been an issue about the Apple vs Samsung case and at the end so far notes that Samsung will actually pay the full $1.05 billion decided by the jury. This was just the primary stage processes that almost certainly involve to appeal by Samsung. While unlikely that any judge overturn the jury’s decision entirely, Samsung’s lawyers have enough ammunition to stand a good chance of pouring down some damages Samsung has to pay.

If we’re getting the larger context here on iOS vs. Android – in this case it’s unlikely to be more than a setback for Google. Taking on the search behemoth straight forwardly it’s a very different outlook from taking on Samsung, and it’s somewhat Apple has avoided so far.

As for Google’s official statement, that the judgment is to infringe upon Apple patents on Samsung specific, not part of the stock Android OS. In a way, the verdict would even help Google to deal with their problems towards fragmentation if those smartphone manufacturers like HTC, LG, (the controversial) Samsung et al stick closer towards the stock Android experience in avoidance of the risk on running afoul over Apple on their proprietary skin like Touchwiz and Sense.

Another factor with more importance is that Android has entered a mythical dominion of “too big to fail”. That’s far more than just an operating system. The public gossips more about the Apple ecosystem but what is regularly forgotten is the Android Ecosystem. Visualizing your daily experience as an internet user; Google really dominates. From Search… E-mail… Calendar… Documents… Maps… Youtube…

The iPad and iPhone might grant access to these services (and says that there will be changes now with iOS 6 getting rid of Google Maps and Youtube no longer a core app), but it’s experience simply isn’t as incorporated and complete as on an Android device. As just the money an iOS user drops into the Apple ecosystem supplies as a blockade to keep us from opting out of it, with the convenience of that integration of an Android user’s web experience.

Who’s going to utilize that? Is it Apple with its limited product established and its high price points? OR Is it going to be the Android OEMs with its huge number of phone models with a various price levels that appeal to let public embrace the use of smartphones due to its monetary value mentality across diverse segments in the market?
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