Price and performance counts on Galaxy Tabs (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0)

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As we know and it’s no doubt that iPad still reigns and been undisputed as supreme on the tablet market. When we talk about Samsung considering as a valiant fighter in the Galaxy Tab family, it’s really impressive that they had created the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and together with its smaller siblings as an eye-catcher in the tablet arena. With the 7 inch version has shown portability but do you think that it could rein supremacy?

Weight Stability
The key for these smaller devices is portability. This weighs only 341g (Wi-Fi version, 344g with 3G). It’s really light and far than lighter with the new iPad (3rd generation) at 652g. And with the slim figure at 10.5mm only. These means this is a device that is easy to hold, surfing the net and viewing movies in an extended period.

It’s Design
The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 has a chassis plastic cover in a gun-metal grey, and a wide bezel black surrounding with a 7-inch touchscreen. The Tab 2 is looks really like just several of its predecessors. This isn’t an eye-catching to its extent, based on its design. The one thing it lacks is its grip.

Design wise, when we talk about this device its light though prone on getting scratched. There is nothing of a stun on this design. In front you can’t see any physical buttons at all. The volume rocker is located on the edges and power keys on top right, with the microSD card slot sits beneath a latch on the left. The audio jack 3.5 mm is on the top of the device; on the bottom is where you can find the charging port, in between the speakers. The front-facing VGA snapper is at the top display with a 3 megapixel model on its back

Performance experiences
It has it’s a dual-core 1 Ghz chip, a well running device, however you need to install it’s Flash first. And you can also view iPlayer footage easily, heavy duty games really runs smoothly. It runs on Android’s “Ice Cream Sandwich” version of operating system. The Tab 2.0 is held on its owned web-based performance benchmarks, however it has fell too short on the 3D rivalry.

Some frustrations that would be an issue is that most likely pertains to Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, and also widgets are in a source-hogging that are preloaded on the tablet. With its widgets on the display are featured with various Samsung software services, and disappointment is the frame rate when switching between home pages. It’s better to remove those widgets to have a smoother experience. With its UI also is a bothersome pauses; with the keyboard it often slow when bringing up, with its loading databases takes a moment like contacts.

Conclusion and Assessment
With the range of Samsung tablets in its arsenal, they weigh up price and performance, so that means delivering only what you pay for. Though the Tab 2 is the company’s affordable tablet and as such it is among on its weakest performance.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is eventually a forgettable entry in the history ever growing products by Samsung Android-powered. Though its core elements are fine on this tablet, its screen works fine, good connectivity and a bit functional android platform. It’s based on user experience when we talk about Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI, the hardware performance offer reasonably and battery life is under average.

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