One Series has an X (HTC Desire X)

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We’ve seen more about Samsung and iPhones, and I would like to introduce the latest smartphone by HTC called “HTC Desire X”. This will be available in black or white and it’s more wonderful to see the white version. The Desire X is something that has a small “X” factor on it and not that remarkable.

The design seemingly isn’t the edge for HTC, the corners has been cut and a non-unibody single shell that holds all, a traditional designed phone of a non-HTC built with a detachable back cover and with removable battery as well. With a WVGA Super LCD display wouldn’t be of a premium on HTC smartphones, one good thing is that it’s reasonably bright, detailed and colors are not bad. It’s a 4 inches screen enough for browsing website.

A 1Ghz dual core processor with 1 GB ram, an alternatively very fast S4 SnapDragon chip that is found in HTC One  S, with a Sense 4.0 user-interface and 768 built-in memory with up to 4 GB internal storage memory expandable via SD card slot and it is also supported by Beats Audio. HTC Desire X is a smooth smartphone. It runs on an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to it.

Over-looking on its camera, its probably disappointing, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. That has no 720p video recording option, and even its slow-mo feature. With a burst mode and 'best shot' features and it has quick snap images. Not impressive as what most think.

A bit uninspired on a mid-range HTC smartphone, though it’s a budget handset and a top-end creation for a nice to use phone. Nothing “super” to it as HTC admits.
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