Google Will Fight to Stop Child Pronography and Microsoft Agree to Block Porn Site for Children

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Google and Microsoft the two tech giants had agreed on the report of child abused pornography and they both agree that they will do their best for stopping that all activity.

GOOGLE has announced it will increase funding and technology to help remove child abuse images from the internet and track down offenders.

Google also announced a $2 million Child Protection Technology Fund, which will be used to develop more effective technology.

The two companies have deemed as many as 1,00,000 search terms as related to child abuse and will no longer show image results, along with warning messages that such content is illegal.

According to the BBC, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron had asked the two companies, who together handle 95 percent of the online search, to take serious action against people getting access to illegal images.

However, Cameron has warned that if the measures aren’t appropriately delivered, he would bring forward new legislation.
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