Apple's iWatch With Price, Rumours, Release Date and Leaks

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Apple is going to launch their iWatch like Samsung and Sony but if Apple is also trying to follow the Samsung and Sony's gadgets then it will not be a top company then Samsung, Nokia etc.

Watch's Name will be calledas ....iWatch

It's very easy to guess that what will be name of this Watch, Apple will almost certainly be calling its Smartwatch the Apple iWatch. This comes after confirmation came in that the tech giant had filed iWatch trademarks in Japan and Russia.

Apple iWatch price

Sadly there hasn't been much talk about what Apple's iWatch will cost, but thanks to other companies jumping on the bandwagon we can get a rough idea of what the cost will be.
Apple applies its usual premium price tag you could be looking at between £180-£220 for your very own iWatch.

Apple iWatch features

  • Display 1.5-inch screen with  curved glass or Willow Glass
  • OS iOS 7
  • 2MP Camera
  • 4GB internal memory + 512MB RAM
  • fingerprint scanning tech
  • NFC Capability
  • GPS and Maps
  • Siri, the voice assistant
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery Life up to 10hr
  • Release date 2014
  • Expected Price $149 and $229 (£100 to £150)

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