3 Most Expensive Cell Phones of India: iPhone 5S, HTC MAx One, Galaxy Golden

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India is avery growing industry in Gadget World like Mobile, Tablets, Lapis etc. and people also ready to take loan for that gadgets so that why there is a small article on the  Most Expensive Cell Phones of India, which is very valueable for the users and users can easily take loan for that, even their pocket allow for it OR not :)

1. iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S is not only the company’s, but also the country’s most expensive device because if you wish to purchase the 64GB version, you are required to bid farewell to Rs 71,000. Its 32GB and 16GB versions aren’t really cheap either as their asking amounts stand at Rs 62,500 and Rs 53,500, respectively.

2. HTC Max One

HTC Max One also a very high priced cell phone in the Indian market and  Its official price tag reads Rs 61,490, but the company says that you can purchase it for as low as Rs 56,490.

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If you are willing to let go of the huge screen and the fingerprint sensor, you can settle for the similar One which will set you back by Rs 47,000, if bought via an retailer.

3. Samsung Galaxy Golden

Last, but not the least Samsung Galaxy Golden priced at Rs 51,900. and you can get Rs. 2000 discount easily on it, if you buy it from online shopping.

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