So Apple goes smaller “iPad Mini”

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And the most awaited iPad mini now revealed the first smaller and newest member on the iPad siblings. It was unveiled together with the new iPad 4 and Mac mini of a stunning new 13in MacBook Pro Retina display. iPad mini release date is on the 2nd of November.

With its launch (iPad mini) really comes with no great surprise, it’s basically a smaller version of the iPad 2, having the same screen resolution with an A5 processor, a bit of a twist and a flatter design. And as well it’s cheaper. The clash on the new iPad mini over Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 would be a slayer on the tablet arena. Let’s take a look closer on the iPad Mini.

It has a fantastic look on a 7.9 display LED-backlit screen. Its colors are vibrant, sharp text, and a better mobile experience on the iPad sibling. Screen resolution is 1024x768 resolutions at 163ppi, identical on the iPad 2. With its resolution that an iPad mini has should be no problem running on any iPad apps that absolutely aren’t made for Retina display iPad. It should able to run on any iPad app with no difficulty. 

Build and Design
The iPad mini is flatter and squarer with a slightly different style. With the previous iPads, the glass screen runs right to the edge of it with a preference of a black or white for the bezel, and it’s much thinner than on the life-sized tablet.

With a 7.2mm thin (23% thinner than the standard iPad) and a 308g (0.68lbs) light (Wifi model). Lock buttons and volume rack has moved to the right-hand side, and on the top edge is the headphone socket, on the bottom is where the new lightning connector and speakers are found. This would be a definite competitor to Kindle in this view due to its special feature the updated iBooks continuous streaming, due to its weight and size reduction.

iPad Mini has a dual-core A5 chip processor that can power-up games, apps and browsing. And also loaded with LTE meaning it can be used on EE’s 4g network. With a super fast browsing on a 5GHz wifi with compatible routers as well. Rumors and speculation that iPad mini comes with an 8GB memory but sad to say still stick with the standard 16, 32 and 64 GB memory offered.

A dual camera that has both FaceTime and iSight cameras (front and rear cameras), the rear has an impressive 5 megapixel stills and 1080p video recording while front support a 720p video. A good advantage for taking photos with one hand more easier due to its size and more convenient than the iPad.

It uses the Apple’s mobile latest software version the iOS 6 that was alongside released on the iPhone 5. We have seen that iOS 6 has some valuable changes, from its features proper integration on Facebook and Twitter, that you could directly post from just pulling down its notification bar.

A redesigned App Store that seems to look a bit better, this isn’t a world-changing with some dodgy changes aside from the Maps. Know more all about iOS 6.

Apple unveils its new iBooks app includes that support over 40 languages, which includes right to left page turning and also  it continuous scrolling mode.

Apple states an impressive 10 hour battery life, giving an edge of a couple of hours over its nearest rivals. So it’s totally an advantage.

As far with the iPad Mini, this would be a desired iPad yet. That has an improved mobile experience from its thinner shape, smaller size and lighter weight, a well built that can feel an easy hold and control in the hand and with a cheaper price on the market. Absolutely that iPad mini will really be searing in the market and will be a top seller for people on Christmas season.
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