A smartphone with a build-in projector by Samsung

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I think some of you heard about something different on most smartphone and one slips that wasn’t come to my attention and that was from the Samsung Galaxy Beam. The strangest or weirdest but a reasonably powerful smartphone with a built-in projector.  It’s an Android-based smartphone that can bring on a wall or other flat surface on whatever on its screen.

This device stands reasonably with a 1 GHz dual-core processor, capacity to work with HSPA and EDGE/GPRS and with a 4-inch WVGA (800x480 pixel) resolution TFT LCD display. It also has an 8 GB built-in memory as well as a microSD slot card that can carry up to 32GB of extra storage.

On its back, a 5 megapixel camera with a single LED flash and on front it’s a 1.3 megapixel camera.  The Galaxy Beam just measures at 124 x 64.2 x 12.5mm and weights about 145g. It might not be the smallest or the lightest device though it’s considerably its capacity to tote a projector on it. 

The projector has a bright degree of 15 Lumen at 1W and can project an nHD resolution (640X360 pixels). Imagine shooting photo and straight away displaying it with friends with a much bigger size made on the screen or watching a YouTube video clip on a room wall instead watching it on the screen, even working on a presentation for work functions without using a laptop and even screening whatever showing onto a larger surface. But as we all know that to utilize the projector, it needs a dark environment and I mean dark.

With its software aspect projector aside, it has an Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and obviously isn’t an advance standalone OS experience on a smartphone in the market. And also, you’ll have those Google apps and Samsung’s collection apps pre-loaded added to it and a couple projector friendly apps, apps such as Samsung’s Social and Music Hubs, QuickPad and Kies 2.0.

When it comes to its battery on having a projector on it, Samsung Beam has a generous 2,000mAh battery that is very well when projector is not used. Hardly can’t get more than 3 hour projecting though, and provided considerately with 2 batteries due to its use for projecting purposes.

Who would ever think of a smartphone that can insert a projector on a device? But Samsung had pulled it and a certainly a special device. It’s really expensive for a mid-range android phone.  If you really need a portable projector and smartphone in one, this would be the best choice to have. The bottomline is for those who really need a projector for a daily basis in able to make it worthwhile.
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