Why you need to love Futjitsu Lifebook (U772) Ultraslim?

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Introducing to you a new phase on the Utrabook from Fujitsu, the Futjitsu Lifebook U772. Lifebook has a great value to the latest mobile computing that doesn’t compromise technology plus its power and connectivity that would possibly support mobile working all-day, with impressive and stylus design. Fujitsu announced not just an additional of an Ultrabook to its Lifebook line thus it’s the industry’s first 4G/LTE enabled Utrabook.

An awesome Lifebook Utrabook with a frameless 14-inch display and connectivity using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and don’t forget the 4G/LTE. This measures just 15.6mm from base to cover. In the market today, Fujitsu states that it is the thinnest Ultrabook. At 1.45 kg, the U772 is perhaps one of the class lighter laptop as well. If comparing it with an HP like HP Envy 4 that has a similar screen size that has it’s configuration measuring 19.8mm thick and weighing 1.8kg. Whereas, Fujitsu laptops will feature an onboard HD video camera, this perhaps be the one with a full-HD capability video.

The Lifebook U772 comes with a red or silver shell, this is protected by Advance Theft Protection technology with its Intel Anti-Theft and Absolute Computrace features, that makes remotely feasible to trace a misplaced or stolen machine and can copy or delete data remotely.

This is great for business people on the move; the Lifebook U7772 is the suitable buddy for travelling. The lightweight, slimline design that emerges while out of the office and still be productive all-day. Even you’re on a long tow flight that has an extended battery life.

And also you will love more and wanting a Fujitsu Ultrabook is that it has USB charge functionality. No need running all night just to power-up like those mobile devices such as smartphones. USB ports now are possible for charging even when the Lifebook is on a standby mode or it’s switched off.

Throwing back the question, with the Fujitsu Lifebook Utlrabook 14-inch with LTE support be interests you? That compares with the rest over the ultrabooks that are already out or released shortly that makes you choose? Want to hear from you and share it through commenting on this post.

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