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One of the world’s largest smartphone maker had marked another success, Samsung persist to make innovation in the 2012 year ender and announces the Galaxy Note II smartphone-tablet (phablet).

We’ve heard and no surprise that Samsung Galaxy Note sold millions of dollars providing the masses last 2011. Now it’s time to see a Note for the second time around with bigger, sporty and new features of it.

The Curve

Galaxy Note 2nd generation carry a slightly larger display of 5.5-inches, 9.4 mm thick, slimmer than the original note (9.65 mm) and has a weight of 182.5g heavier than the original Note of 178g.

With in terms with its physical features the Note II hold on to the physical “home” button bordered by the Menu and Back. The power button is on the upper right edge and across of it is the volume rocker on the upper left of the device and the charging micro HDMI cable port sits on the base of the phone.

Its headphone jack (3.5mm) sits at the top and hidden at the base corner to the right is the accurate S-Pen. Behind of it is the 8-Megapixel camera long side its flash and at the other end its loud speaker. The Micro USB port sits on the bottom and a microSD card slot under the back cover. Taking off its back reveals the sim card slot and a removable battery.

The original Note when creating a call most likely draw strange looks putting into your ear but the Note II has curvier design that makes a feel not too large in your hand and seemingly suites on handbags or jacket pockets.

Stylus Pen

Samsung innovate several improvements to its S Pen experience, seen on the Note 10.1 tablet and ported to the phone side. The stylus now has hovering ability that made it possible behind the pen/screen interaction digitizer technology by Wacom. Greater sensitivity improved its palm rejection, that makes the Note II an even better note-taking device.

The S-Pen is more ergonomic and comfortable thanks to several design tweaks. The interchangeable nib is remarkably an improvement over the original Note, the writing feels more natural like a pen and paper.

Now S-Pen features are more even useful. The screen can now notice the stylus from several millimeters away, small dot display when it’s near. Hover over buttons to spot pop-up labels, hover at the top or base of scrollable content to roll without touching the screen or increase a picture over video w/o having to tap. However the frustrating one is that with some hover features such as the capability to read more lines in an e-mail without opening, just work on Samsung apps and it’s more likely to see this feature in Google app/ Play Store.


The Note II has a quad-core Exynos processor on a 1.6 GHz. 5.5” HD Super AMOLED display, internal storage memory of 16GB with 2GB RAM, an expanded microSD slot storage, 4G LTE (depends on your territory), 8 Megapixel rear camera and 1.9 Megapixel front camera, built-in S Pen, NFC and a 3100mAh battery.  An HD Super AMOLED of a 5.5 inch display that a Galaxy Note II have a 1280x720 display at 276ppi, like the first Note having 1280x800 display and it’s weird why they cut down resolution for this. The Galaxy Note 2 actually has an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update.

The TouchWiz changes the way Android works, Jelly Bean has some terrific features such as placing one app icon on top of another to create a folder and activating Google Now through swiping up (instead, you access this from the Search widget or Recent Apps screen). With these several tweaks that make Android 4.1 work more like Android 2.3. It’s been really well appreciated that this is helpful for masses upgrading from an older versions of Android, some changes on Android Jelly Bean are both welcome and improvements over the way things used to work.


The Samsung’s big screen phone is worthy to have, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It’s remarkable improvements like the battery life, performance and does it all while not adding bulk. Let’s face it a giant smartphone isn’t for everyone. The best choice available now that crave for a larger screens and don’t want a tablet, Galaxy Note 2 suites you.
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