Marking the next iPad (4th Generation)

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Every year we’ve seen Apple announced new versions of their products and as seen this year iPad has released 3 of their model breaking their routine of releasing yearly, namely the New iPad (3rdgeneration), iPad Mini and now coming to the line-up this year is the iPad 4 (4thgeneration). It has almost been six months past that the New iPad (third-generation) that introduces a Retina Display ready iPad.

The iPad 4 has nothing new when it comes with build quality, design and construction over the New iPad. The dimensions as is, 186x241  x 9.4mm and 652g wifi model / 662g cellular model. Apple sticks to its rectangular shape rounded corners and edges consist of brush aluminum casing. This wouldn’t be an Apple device without its home button beneath the display. We can see an upgrade over its predecessor, particularly the front-facing camera of a 1.2 megapixel, having the ability to shoot videos in 720 and equipped with a high-definition FaceTime quality. As also seen one visual change on its design is the lightning connector instead of the 30-pin connector. All the rest are the same.

The fourth-generation hardware tablet has updated from its new processor, the A6X. A dual-core processor of a dual-core graphics is twice as fast over the A5 chip found it the third-generation iPad and with twice graphic performance. When it comes to the screen, there’s no change. Still having the 9.7in size with astonishing 1536x2048 Retina quality resolution on a LED-backlit IPS display. Also a huge changes made is the 4G connectivity, iPad 3 has marketed as a 4G capable and unfortunately this doesn’t suit UK’s 4G frequencies so Apple detached the claim.

The iPad 4 still sits on the same software, with a pre-loaded iOS 6 including Siri which is available on the iPad 3. Some notable and recent changes made to its operating system and that is switching between Google Maps and mapping system owned by Apple, as seemingly received deep criticism towards its flaws.

When it comes to battery life iPad 4 has 10 hours when intense browsing the web over Wi-Fi. Its complex to figure out the usage and weight as it depends on the way we use it. Each and everyone would use it on different task on a period of time.

With the release of the 4th generation iPad do those 3rd generation iPad owners be upset with those minor changes that iPad 4 had?
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