Logitech Launced New Z600 speakers with Sweet Sound and Elegant looks

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Bluetooth speakers now come in different shapes and sizes. Cylindrical, drum or tube-shaped or even saucer like, we have seen them in various appearances. The Z600 Bluetooth speakers from Logitech are a work of fine art; with gentle curves, a fabric finish and pleasant colours, the Z600 perfectly complement the good looks of your Apple Macintosh or the present-day, thin and good-looking notebook computers from numerous vendors. When placed next to the computer, the Z600 look like beautiful flower vases with gray fabric grilles. On or off, they add a graceful note to any space.

Out of the box, the silver coloured Z600 are pretty light and look more like computer speakers but Logitech wants us to use them more as wireless speakers, hence the Bluetooth capability. There is a white strip that runs up the length of the satellite from the audio cable connection.

On the right speaker, the white strip holds the Bluetooth and power buttons and, behind a rubber door, an 3.5 mm auxiliary input. Other than that, the top of the control speaker holds a touch disc and Bluetooth status light, micro-USB port and AUX jack.

Set up was a simple affair at my end. While the speakers are wireless, they still have cords. You connect the speaker wires to the Y-connector and plug the power supply into an outlet. On the control speaker, you will need to press the power button and a tone tells you that the speakers are powered and ready for use. When pairing a Bluetooth device, such as a notebook computer or a mobile phone, you need to press the Bluetooth button. The status light will blink rapidly to indicate that the speakers are ready for pairing.

Often, Bluetooth connections can be a little troublesome with computers. That is why Logitech has included the USB transmitter so the speakers will quickly and easily pair up with your computer and stream audio more reliably. The transmitter also allows for smooth switching between connected devices.
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